Protesters take to the streets as Trump visits UK

July 13, 2018 2:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

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London”s skyline today welcomed an intriguing addition….A vast inflatable blimp depicting the US president as a baby.13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Leo Murray, Trump Blimp organiser:”Donald Trump is a runaway train. No one should be taking advice from this man, that”s very, very clear. We can”t pretend Brexit is going well. I think the country”s on its knees and if he”s here for any sort of dimploatic purpose it”s to take advantage of us in our weakened state. The idea that anything he says is credible as advice for the UK is obviously laughable.”17. SOUNDBITE (English) Paolo Arrigo, anti-Trump protester: “I tell you what this (visit) will achieve. It will get people out on the streets. It will get (anti-Brexit) Remainers out on the streets, it will get decent people who are out on the streets who are against his values and we fight for British values and for togetherness, yeah absolutely.”The previous evening, the US president recvied a very different welcome…as British Prime Minister Theresa May led Trump up to Blenheim palace acompanied by a military band. But the welcome wasn”t exactly reciporcated….Speaking with the SUN newpaper, Trump has said that May”s plan for UK-EU relations after Brexit would “probably kill” the idea of a trade deal with the US.Trump also said that Boris Johnson, who resigned as Foregibn Minister this week over May”s plan, would make “a great Prime Minister”.In the firing line as well was Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – Trump accused him of doing “a very bad job on terrorism”.Perhaps unsurprsingly, Donald Trump is doing his best to steer clear of protesters during his UK visit…although that may be difficult en route to Windsor Castle, where Trump is set to take tea with Queen Elizabeth on Friday afternoon.

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