Tyler Perry on His Journey from Abusive Childhood to Superstar

October 26, 2017 7:54 pm
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In this exclusive interview, SCH Editor at Large, Dr. Diane Howard talks with TylerPerry about his inspirational new book and fascinating journey from a painful childhood to a major Hollywood star.

Higher Is Waiting is a spiritual guidebook, a collection of teachings taken from Perry’s lifetime of experiences. It is meant to inspire readers to climb higher in their own lives and to move to a better, more fulfilling place. In this intimate book, Tyler writes about how his faith has sustained him in hard times, centered him in good times, and enriched his life overall.

Sonoma Christian Home had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with TylerPerry during a press gathering in Los Angeles for his “Halloween alternative” movie Boo 2 (PG-13), which is appropriate for teens and adults. This film is a comedic satire that holds a mirror up for all of us to see the foolish things we all do that have potentially destructive consequences. It warns that we reap what we sow. As in the Greek tragedy Medea, of the movie’s character Madea’s namesake, it is hyperbole, albeit comedic satire, which warns us all of what to avoid and encourages all of us to live higher. The subtitle for the movie could be the same title of his upcoming book Higher is Waiting. SCH Editor At Large Dr. Diane Howard talked with Perry exclusively about his new book.