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    Stem Cell Bill's Bad (Or Providential?) Timing

    Stem Cell Bill’s Bad (Or Providential?) Timing Subscriber access only

    Plus: Surgeon general nominee’s Methodist work under fire, Time interviews Rowan Williams, church building conflicts, and other stories from online sources around the world.

    Compiled by Ted Olsen

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    Hong Kong Pastor Facing Prison Preaches the Sermon of His Life

    Hong Kong Pastor Facing Prison Preaches the Sermon of His Life

    The Baptist leader, convicted for his role in the Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests, takes the stand with a biblical defense for human rights and civil disobedience.

    Kate Shellnutt

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    Theology of the Future

    Theology of the Future Subscriber access only

    Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.

    N. T. Wright

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    Palm Sunday and the Gift of Disillusionment

    Palm Sunday and the Gift of Disillusionment

    How the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry—and my chronic pain diagnosis—helped me trade in false hopes for a truer picture of God.

    Jonathan Merritt

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