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In the pantheon of strange inheritances, a field full of Ferraris has to be near the top.

That’s exactly what one Texas collector left behind after dying from a serious illness a few years ago.


The story and photos have been shared on Silodrome, but the identity of the family and location of the cars kept secret for privacy.


According to the report, the owner was a lawyer who had amassed 13 Ferraris and some other cars when he came down with a serious illness about seven years ago and moved them into a rented warehouse.


When a payment was missed, the cars were put into a field, where they were left even after the debt was covered. Among them a Testarossa, a 308 Quattrovalve, three 348s and other models.


The cars got stuck there for a while during legal proceedings with the estate, but were recently recovered in very sorry states. The elements had taken their toll, inside and out, and four of the documented cars – two Ferraris and two Rolls-Royces – were missing and are still nowhere to be found.

Were they kept in good condition, the collection would likely have been worth over $1 million, but with the help of the organizer of an annual Ferrari Festival in Houston, Paul Cox, the family has quietly been able to find new homes for most of the cars with people who plan to bring them back to life.


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