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Despite his stunning Masters victory last month, Tiger Woods failed to make the cut in this weekend’s PGA Championship.

Woods won the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on April 14, his first major championship win in over 10 years.

Over the course of his career, Woods, 43, has won 81 PGA tournament titles, including 15 majors, cumulatively earning $118 million in prizes over 24 years as a pro golfer.

Had Woods won, he would have tied Sam Snead for most PGA Tour wins (82), according to PGA website. The pro-golfer was 2 over par on Thursday and had trouble making par on multiple holes Friday, ultimately disqualifying him from the tournament, which ends on Sunday.


Woods was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on May 6 by President Trump after his Masters win, the highest honor that can be bestowed on an American civilian making him the fourth golfer to receive it.

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